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Thank you for choosing RBIs!

We are the Objective Eye Before You Buy !

Kevin McCurry Has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry both hands on, in management and as a renewable energy business owner.

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New Construction.

With our busy schedule, we hired RBIs to oversee the progress and construction of our new home. Not only were we kept informed of the scheduled progress and inspections of our home, we knew when crews were expected and what to expect from them!

Kevin put together a schedule of values that coincided with construction progress and made the payment confirmation process with the contractors and bank smooth and pain free.

Representing us with a fair hand while overseeing our project with a firm grip we slept well while our home was built, now we sleep even better in it!

Celestino & Ordie Sanchez.

Pre-listing Inspection:

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We called RBIs to inspect our home before we put it on the market.  Kevin was very prompt and courteous.  He methodically inspected our home and created a report that was easy to read and understand.  He noticed things about our home even we didn’t know after living here for 15 years!

He clearly explained his observations and started us out on the right foot in preparing our home for sale.

We highly recommend RBIs to anyone seeking an OBJECTIVE EYE for their inspection service company.

Pat Kirschenman.


Contact RBIs, we did!  we found the home of our dreams, our agent recommended Regional Building Inspection Services for our home inspection so we went on line, scheduled our inspection on line and Kevin contacted us immediately to get the ball rolling.

We received our Same Day Synopsis report that listed issues of concern, we were able to use the reports (CRL) create request list to effectively communicate corrections we could live with and those we could not all with simplified steps. We negotiated repairs and got a price on our home we could live with. We got our final report the next day,  by then the repairs had been scheduled! Our scheduled home buying dreams went off without a hitch! We moved into our home feeling as if we already knew it!were ready to maintain and enjoy it for years to come.

Tino & Cris Tauaese.


He’s Backed by Internachi, the worlds foremost authority on Inspection education and training, recommended by fellow Inspectors and endorsed over 120 times for his contributions and skills in the construction and Renewable Energy Industries.  

Known for designing Residential, Commercial and property Inspection Templates.  He is currently composing an illustration and launching a BLOG on home maintenance and how to avoid major repair expenses with the RBI/DIY tips and traps guide to help homeowners who can’t get enough of the DIY channel.


      Certified Professional Inspector Member in good standing # 17070610

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See more of Kevin’s qualifications @ http://www.internachi.org  

With his insight, comprehensive Inspection education, the latest inspection tools and technology,  RBIs bringing you the very best in Home, Commercial and Property Inspections. It will leave you reassured that,,,,   

“Now You,, Know Value!”


Meet R.A.I., R.A.I. , He inspects places others can’t ! 

(Remote Robotic Assisted Inspector)

RAI RAI new image


      He can video your roof, crawlspace or Attic!     

(He collects Air and Mold Samples Too!)



O   Building

      O   Inspections

         T     N ————————>= Training/non-stop!

                 S ————————>= Sense of assurance!

                 P ————————>= Prompt and courteous!

                 E ————————>= Excellence in inspections!

                 C ————————>= Customized reports!

                 T ————————>= Transparent pricing!

                  I ————————>= Inspected with pride!

                 O ————————>= On time/ every time!

                 N ————————>= Nice inspectors!

                  S ————————>= Superb service!


Meet RB”I” in the sky, he sees things others can’t 




O    Building

       O    Inspections

          T      N ——————————>= Neighbors!

                   S ——————————> = Superior service!

                   P ——————————>= Professional reports!

                   E ——————————> = Experienced!

                   C ——————————>= Certified!

                   T ——————————> = Trustworthy!

                    I  —————————–>= Innovative technology!

                   O ——————————>= Objective!

                   N ——————————>= No nonsense pricing!

                    S ——————————>= Security!



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