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Hello my name is Kevin McCurry, my wife Lynne and I started ​Regional Building Inspection Services​​ in Bakersfield, Ca. in 2017. I’m a retired Commercial Master Plumber with over 25 years in the Construction Industry encompassing countless National Chain projects including Hospitals, Grocery, Home Improvement and Drug store chains and even a Ball Park Stadium. A Certified Professional Inspector, Backed by InterNACHI the World’s Foremost Authority in Building and Property Inspection Certification and Education.

Mission: ​​ ​

Fill the void of experience in Commercial Real Property Inspections. Assist with the successful acquisition of Real Property with a consistent value and professionalism that lends to the five core principles of ​
Regional Building Inspection Services​​:
Know Us, Like Us, Trust Us, Hire Us, Refer Us. As a​ Certified Professional Inspection Company​​ ​Regional Building Inspection Services​​ follows a Comprehensive Standards of Practice endorsed by InterNACHI. This means I Inspect the visible and accessible structure, systems and components of the building inside and out, from the foundation to the roof, property line to property line using the latest tools and technology.
​Regional Building Inspection Services​​ will provide the thorough and comprehensive Inspection you expect and a Report you can rely on.

We perform all Property Investigations with earnest and integrity
Restaurants to Retail, Tire Shops to Hair and Nail, Tenant finishes to Building Shells Site Reconnaissance, Property Condition Assessments, Construction Progress Reports, Construction Schedules of Values, Maintenance and Pre-Lease “Move In Certified” reports, Pre-Lease Inspections Multi Location Services Available.
Regional Building Inspection Services Is Your Objective Eye, Before You Buy

Process Synopsis:

1. Pre- inspection site visit to determine the types of mechanical systems in the building.
2. Pre-Inspection, Determination of Inspection Scope.
3. Pre-Inspection Agreements.
4. Building History Investigations Report. (Certificates of Occupancies)
5. Inspection time frame.
6. Technical Sub Contractors Reports
7. Fire and Safety Certification verification.
8. Code Violations/ zoning
9. Roof system Bonding reports
10. Soils and Contamination Reports.
11. County Health Department Violations.
12. Domestic RPBP Certification verifications.

All Technical Sub Contractors are licensed and Insured and come complete with unique “Value Engineered” services*. Ask about the details! Every Commercial Investment property is unique.

He’s Backed by Internachi, the worlds foremost authority on Inspection education and training, recommended by fellow Inspectors and endorsed over 120 times for his contributions and skills in the construction and Renewable Energy Industries.

Known for designing Residential, Commercial and property Inspection Templates.  He is currently composing an illustration and launching a BLOG on home maintenance and how to avoid major repair expenses with the RBI/DIY tips and traps guide to help homeowners who can’t get enough of the DIY channel.


      Certified Professional Inspector Member in good standing # 17070610

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See more of Kevin’s qualifications @ http://www.internachi.org

With his insight, comprehensive Inspection education, the latest inspection tools and technology,  RBIs bringing you the very best in Home, Commercial and Property Inspections. It will leave you reassured that,,,,

“Now You,, Know Value!”


Meet R.A.I., R.A.I. , He inspects places others can’t ! 

(Remote Robotic Assisted Inspector)

RAI RAI new image


      He can video your roof, crawlspace or Attic!     

(He collects Air and Mold Samples Too!)


Meet RB”I” in the sky, he sees things others can’t 



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